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Part Worn Tyres

In the motoring world, second-hand does not necessarily mean second-rate – look at the used car market, for example, where both quality and value are now the norm.

When it comes to second-hand tyres, however, you would be wise to hesitate before handing over your money. The reason?

You never know what you’re getting.

Even though there are clear regulations designed to ensure that all used tyres for sale have been thoroughly inspected and deemed safe, the fact is many unscrupulous retailers ignore these rules.

The result is a virtual black market of unverifiable, often unroadworthy, sometimes potentially lethal second-hand tyres.

What are the dangers?

You could be getting a tyre that’s much older than you’re being told.

You could be getting a tyre that has ‘invisible’ structural damage.

You could be getting a tyre that’s been patched up, maybe a number of times.

You could even be getting a tyre straight from the scrapyard.

It’s easy to make a part-worn tyre look safe and sound – quick spray of black, hey presto – and you might think you’re getting a bargain.

Think again.

The only kind of tyre you can trust completely is a new one. All new tyres have been subjected to more than 100 rigorous safety and performance tests, so they are the safest option when it comes to fitting a replacement.

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