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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli's tyre catalogue is the product of years of research and testing, all to create tyres that are unique in their performance and personalization.

The wide assortment of Pirelli's tyres meet every need with ease, with a comprehensive selection that accounts for all car models, from city to sports cars, saloons to SUVs.

Every model of the Pirelli tyre catalogue was created with consideration for the real needs of the driver, whether that be perfect control, wet or dry performance; reduced wear; or maximum silence.

The innovative tread design and compound technology of Pirelli tyres get you on the road without hesitation. Tyres designed to withstand high temperatures, always maintaining a high level handling and response, with perfect cornering grip. Choose only the best for your car! Find the right tyre for your vehicle now.

Boost your acceleration

Developed in association with leading vehicle manufacturers in the high performance sector. Developed for road super sport cars destined for the track. Extreme levels of handling in all situations. Maximum traction and braking levels.

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Faster than your mind

A milestone in the development of the Pirelli range, P ZERO™ has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance oriented and powerful models on the market.

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Enjoy your sporty journey

Constant performance and comfort along all tyre life. Improved mileage and excellent handling in wet and dry conditions. Excellent tyre choice for tuners and the most demanding sports performance drivers.

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The optimum balance between performance and comfort

Developed for modern sports cars with electronic drive and stability control systems, the P ZERO ROSSO™ (or ‘Red’, as it translates into in English, which is synonymous with Italian motor racing) is ideal for sports performance providing precise steering response on dry and wet roads.

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Not an ordinary one

The tyre for city and compact cars. Good control in both dry and wet conditions ensuring a comfortable driving experience. Reduction of rolling resistance, especially in urban situations.

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Drive longer, brake shorter

The high performance tyre designed for medium and large saloons, offering an unconventional "trade-on" between wet performance and rolling resistance, whilst maintaining high levels of mileage.

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Long journey emotion

The high performance tyre for medium to high-powered cars. A perfect combination of low rolling resistance, plastic and acoustic comfort, good mileage guaranteeing the Pirelli braking and handling performances.

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Extreme performance for road and track

Developed in association with leading vehicle manufacturers in the high performance sector. A product that succeeds in transferring the best of motorsport technology to use on the road or track.

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