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Wheel Balancing

Incorrectly balanced wheels can result in an uncomfortable drive due to vibration in the steering wheel at certain road speeds (usually around 50-70 mph) or vibration in the seat or floor area of the vehicle at certain speeds. As a result of wheels being out of balance there is premature tyre wear and poor handling.

Along with maintaining your car’s engine and internal systems, it is crucial that you perform regular maintenance procedures for your tyres. Regular tyre rotations and proper wheel balance are both important parts of your vehicle’s overall performance. Let’s take a closer look at how maintaining your wheels and tyres can improve your driving experience:

Smoother Drive

With the wear and tear of daily driving, the tread on your tyres will naturally begin to wear down. This wear causes subtle imbalances in the distribution of weight between your vehicle’s wheels. Over time, this imbalance will cause wheel vibrations that can be felt from the underside of the car. These vibrations may start as a slight buzz, but can eventually increase to an all out shaking sensation. Having your tyres balanced regularly will prevent these vibrations in your vehicle.

Less Tyre-Wear

When your wheels are properly balanced, all four tyres will show even wear patterns. Regardless of proper balance, your back or front tyres will wear down at a faster rate, depending on whether your vehicle is front- or rear-wheel drive. To ensure that your tyres wear at an even rate, you should have your tyres regularly rotated. When it comes time to replace your tyres, you will save money by replacing all four at once, rather than replacing one or two at a time as they wear down.

Enhanced Performance

Your vehicle’s drive-train is designed to perform optimally when paired with tyres that are properly inflated and in good condition. When you take proper care of your tyres, you will experience better acceleration and braking, and will get the best possible fuel economy. Taking the time to rotate and balance your tyres will provide you with the most possible enjoyment out of driving your vehicle.

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